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Submit to Nature if you would reach your goal. For, whoever deviates from Natures way, nature forces back again. Whoever gives up his desire to improve upon Nature will find Nature satisfying all his needs. Whoever finds his desires extinguished will find more desires arising of their own accord. Whoever desires little is easily satisfied. Whoever desires much suffers frustration.
Therefore, the intelligent person is at one with Nature, and so serves as a model for others.
By not showing off, he is exemplary. By not asserting that he is right, he does the right thing. By not boasting of what he will do, he succeeds in doing more than he promises.
By not gloating over his successes, his achievements are acclaimed by others. By not competing with others, he achieves without opposition.
Therefore the old saying is not idle talk: "Submit to Nature if you would reach your goal." For that is the only genuine way.

Archie J. Bahm